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Advantages of advertising with TNCN
  • Your ad can be listed on one of 210 local newschannels.
  • You have the flexibility to change your advertising message as often as you wish. This feature allows you to announce special deals, new products, and upcoming events in a convenient and fast way. You are always in control!
  • Your business is always front and center! Since TNCN lists a limited number of advertisers, your message will be highly visible.
  • Your advertising dollars will go further with TNCN. Our competitive pricing will help your business reach potential customers.
  • Your advertising message can be a billboard on today's digital highway for a Super Value of only $99/year.
Sample Listing

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Smith Accounting

Smith Accounting, LLC

Staying on top of your accounting and bookkeeping transactions can be difficult and time-consuming. Let Smith Accounting take these important tasks off your hands so you can focus on tackling the everyday challenges of running your business. Our CPA firm handles everything from budgeting and financial statements to proactive tax planning strategies that will save you money at tax time.